I had a fun studio visit and interview with artist and writer Leora Armstrong recently. Her article is featured in the July issue of Main Street magazine. In print and online at

New cyanotypes on view

New cyanotypes on view
Two of my recent cyanotypes are for sale in the new Sh Op at Henry Klimowicz’s art space, The Re Institute, among other affordable work by local artists.

The Re Institute
Sh Op is on the ground floor
The Re Institute
1395 Boston Corners Road
Millerton, NY 12546

Gallery Hours: Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm
On view until Autumn

Title: Fern/ Netting
Medium: cyanotype on paper
Dimensions: 11.25 x 11 inches
Date: 2024


I am pleased to have my digital print and 2 collages of the sky included in “Transmissions.” This pop-up exhibition includes ecoartspace artists sharing their work in celebration of the upcoming total solar eclipse.
Artists include: Erika Blumenfeld, Elizabeth Chiles, Mary Ciani, Margaux Crump, Jake Eshelman, Carol Flueckiger, Jamal Hussain, Bethany Johnson, Faith Johnson, Heather L Johnson, Laura J Lawson, Heidi Lowell, Samantha Melvin, Abinadi Meza, Virginia L Montgomery, Rebecca Pugh, Ellen H Ray, Caroline Roberts, Amy Scofield, Margaret Smithers-Crump, Krista Leigh Steinke, Linda Stillman, Andrew Weathers, Tammy West, Juliet Whitsett, Lisa Woods, DM Witman, Yasmin Youssef 
Location: Canopy Austin, 916 Springdale Road, Austin, Texas 78702 Day and Time: Saturday, April 6, 11am - 7pm
Exhibition website: 

Title: Daily Sky: 6.24.22
Medium: archival ink jet print
Dimensions: 6 x 6 inch image on 8 x 8 inch paper
Date: 2023


"Among Friends 4" show

"Among Friends 4" show
I am pleased that my cyanotype, “Ferning” is included in the collaborative show “Among Friends 4” with lots of amazing work all zipped together in homage to Robert Rauschenberg’s piece “Hiccups”.

Metaphor Projects, 382 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
April 5–7 and April 10–14, 2024 from 12 to 6 pm

A portion of the $300 price will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Many thanks to the amazing organizers Alexandra Rutsch Brock. Beth Dary, and Patricia Fabricant.

Memories of George Tscherny

Memories of George Tscherny
The legendary graphic designer George Tscherny died last fall. My short essay about him was recently published in Graphic Design USA magazine. I was fortunate to work as a junior designer at his firm in the 70s, my first job out of art school. I was thrilled to have a photograph that I took included in an annual report that we worked on together (shown above). I am grateful for all I learned there and for my friendship with him and his family.